Monday, February 21, 2011

Lost jobs

I was cancelled from Sat. & tomorrow's babysitting jobs (same family) as the kids have the flu. That is $100 lost. And the family that wanted me to clean their house today ($100) asked me to watch their son instead (I got paid $50.)

So I am out $150 for month. I hope my three cleaning jobs (Thur., Sat., & Mon. do not cancel.)

If they do not cancel, I will still be able to pay most Feb. stuff except:

Solutions offering
boys allowance
sewer bill (but it is not due yet)

Oh the joys of self employment.



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I wished you lived in TX I would pay you or the kids $200 to watch my dog the week of spring break!!! 4 days.


Becky R said...

The boys take great care of pets. They watch them in our home and charge $7 a day for dogs. Too bad you are so far away.

Jason actually does the pet care and Josh will do stuff in your home (take in mail, water plants, switch lights) for $2 a day.

Last summer they raised $200, which they used to build their tree fort.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to rethink your priorities. An offering is not a NEED. Allowance? Especially not a need. Your children should understand that money is not a given.

Becky R said...

Dear Anonymous,

I wanted to first say that none of the money that flows through my life is mine. It all belongs to God.

Not everything that I spend money on each month is a need. But every single bill as of today is paid in full, except my mortgage (which is current but I still have many payments to go.)

In this post I was just venting about what things in the budget I feel God wants me to have for this month will not get paid. And if so then it is not His will that I spend on those things. The sewer bill is not due until April 1st, I had just wanted tp prepay it next month, but that is not a necessity.

I do strongly feel giving 10% of all the money God gives me directly back to Him through my church. On top of that because we are so blessed I give offerings to our sponsor child, Solutions (local pregnancy center), and another misc. offering as I am led each month (which may be as small as $1.)

I prayed about the allowance along time ago and feel it is very beneficial to my boys.

Each day (except Sun.) Jason does 13 chores and Josh does 7. In addition they help prepare meals and clean up after meals. And they do other things as needed. They also come to the cleaning jobs I do and help me clean.

With their allowance they tithe, save, and buy what they want. If they want to go to movies, they use that money (and at times will pay for me as well.) If they are going to a birthday party they will use their own money for gifts.
And if someone has a need both my boys are very willing to give, even without anyone asking.

My children are also both part of creating the budget each month. They understand it all belongs to God. They volunteered to give up their allowance this month when I told them I had lost money from lost jobs. I didn't ask them to do that.

As a single mom with two boys and very little income, I feel so blessed that God allows eveything to get paid. He also provides work as He sees I need it (and He knows I will do anything, childcare, house cleaning, respite care, house sitting, pet sitting, etc.)

There is times when I buy things that are not aligned with His will (even a candy bar that he doesn't want me to have is a bad purchase if He is not in it.) There are times I go into the dollar store for 1 or 2 items and spend $30. I am so far from perfect. But my goal with my life, especially my finances is to do His will.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Jeannette said...

one proud moma :)
see HS it's not always me that comes to her side

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing an awesome job with the resources that you have. I really admire you and your family.

Becky R said...

thanks Kathy