Monday, December 14, 2009

Bills and more

all Nov. bills are paid in full.

In Nov. I also managed to get new contacts and new glasses. It was almost $700 for the contacts, glasses, and exam. I do not have vision coverage, so this is an expense I need to budget for each year (I do, in my freedom account.) But at least I am good for a year.

So far all Dec. bills are paid and will be. Plus we had a small party for Jason and his friends for his 12th birthday. In addition I just got four new tires that I desperately needed. $365 including tax, mounting, and such. Plus they rotate the tires every 5,000 miles until I need new ones again.

I also have 3 gifts each for the boys for Christmas (each are getting a set of Adventures in Odyssey cassettes that I got for $4 each; a flashlight each, that I got for free from Emergency, and I am making them each a fleece blanket for their new rooms.)

God continues to provide for us in amazing ways!!!