Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My annual Christmas letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Usually I am so excited to write this letter wishing you a Merry Christmas and to update you on our lives. However, this year I have been dreading writing this letter. I guess acknowledging Christmas this year is a bit hard for us.

As most of you already know, we lost my older brother Eric on June 14. So although Christmas will come with or without us celebrating it, we wish we were celebrating it with Eric.

2009 has been a hectic, sad year, but we also have had some positives as well. In April my grandfather passed away and we went to Ohio for the service; and again in the summer to spend time with my grandmother. In April, I had surgery to fix my right ankle which had not healed from breaking it in Feb. of 2007. In June we lost Eric. In Sept. I began homeschooling both boys. It has been interesting. But I love the closer bond I see growing between them. In Nov. I bought my first house. In Dec., after much work from all of my family (thanks Mom & Scott) we were finally able to move in. It already feels like home.

Jason turned 12 this year (just this month.) He is in the 6th grade. He really enjoys science and reading. He still loves to ride his bike. Of course his favorite thing is to play video games in his new room, with his new tv that he got as a birthday gift from his grandparents. He is excited to start guitar lessons and basketball next month.

Joshua turned 6 this past May. He is in the 1st grade. He really enjoys math and art. Currently in art we are making lego movies, which he is so excited for. He has many ideas on what will make a great movie. Joshua continued to play soccer this year and played goalie much of the season. He can’t wait for spring soccer to start up again. Joshua loves to ride his bike and is especially happy we are on a corner so he gets to ride on two streets and still be close enough to the house for me.

I am still doing childcare, no longer in my home, but in other’s on an as needed basis. It works out well, as I usually just bring the boys along. I also have begun selling the homemade laundry soap that I have been making for years. I hope to grow my business to 10 bottles a month sold to ideally 100. I also am busy unpacking and dreaming of decorating. I hope to learn how to sew this year. I also hope to spend more time at home; and double my garden from last year, as my new yard is bigger and can accommodate a bigger garden.

Mostly we are really just trying to get through the day. It is hard. Losing Eric makes no sense. It hurts.

Still I know how much God has blessed us this year!!! I can still praise Him for what He has done.

I would love for you to join me at church Christmas Eve at 6 at Calvary Baptist Church in Aberdeen, NJ. On the corner of Church & Lloyd. It is a short, one hour service.

Also I hope you have a blessed Christmas and 2010.

We love you!

Becky, Jason, & Joshua


Unknown said...

So next time I'm up in the NY area, can I come visit??? I saw the snow pics! wow! I've never seen that much snow, I would love for my dog to play in it!!

Merry Xmas,

Send me your new address so I can send you a gift! next year though, I've spent way too much this xmas LOL


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Christmas letter, I love these. And again, I'm sorry for the loss of your brother.

All in all, sounds like you're living a full life -with all the joys and trials. I'm very, very glad to hear it.

Sorry D and I couldn't drop by during our whirlwind tour to Jersey. In the future!

All my best,