Monday, December 7, 2009

One more thing before I go to bed

My thankful list (since I didn't post on thanksgiving):

Jesus dying on the cross for me (and all of you) to have a way to heaven
our health
my mom
my sisters (Samantha & Lindsey)
my living brothers (Kevin & Matthew)
my amazing extended family
my amazing church family
my best friend, Monica
my best cousin/friend, Charlene
Joanna (my friend for 18 years)
Lauren (my friend for 24 years)
Courtney (my friend since high school, 14 years ago)
all my other amazing friends
my new house
closets for Jason, Josh, school stuff, and vacuum (did not have that before)
bathtub (did not have that before-we only had a shower stall)
cozy bed with amazing foam topper
new beds and rugs for boys (thanks mom & Scott)
finally sleeping in my new house
all Nov. bills paid in full
having all our needs met
clean, running water
plenty of food to eat (too much for me lately)
awesome yard (great garden potential)
ability to read and write (where would I be without that, without a blog for sure)
desire in my heart to grow closer to the LORD

there are more, but I really must get to bed



Jeannette said...

that was fun last night, next time I sit in the back with our little indians