Saturday, December 12, 2009

Computer Crashed

My computer has crashed and I can not use it at home at all. I have wanted to post pictures of the new house, the Christmas tree, and of Jason who celebrated his 12th birthday on Thursday.

I am hopeful my uncle or brother can get my computer up and running again as I am going through withdrawal without it.

We have spent 6 nights in the new house and already it feels like home. We still have beds to put together, molding to paint, and shelves to put up in the closet. I would also like shelves in my closet downstairs for the boys school stuff.

I also still have to pack all the kitchen stuff from old house as well as some of the boys stuff and my stuff. We try and go to old house everyday and get a few boxes of stuff.

But at least the house is livable. And I will say having a dishwasher is so nice. I missed having one.

We even managed to put up our Christmas tree and tree lights. We have yet to put the ornaments up though.

It is all coming together and I feel good about the progress. It is still so exciting to have a house.