Monday, November 26, 2007

crazy tree lady

last year we did not get our tree up until after Dec. 15th, so this year I wanted it up before then. Sat. night I went to get Jason half way from his dad's and I knew he would be tired but I still had to drag all the Christmas stuff from the attic. this was not easy, and because it was late I got cranky. Jason was so awesome, he was so helpful grabbing huge boxes from the attic. I hate to admit it but this made me miss my apartment with its storage room. I cringe every time I have to get up those rickety attic stairs and find something. Plus the light is out, not the light bulb the whole light does not work, it used too, but since using the microwave, computer, and toaster oven at the same time blew a circuit (again) the attic light will not work. Oh I will say it again, the joys of home ownership.

So we got our tree up with lights on, but no ornaments yet. this will wait till I am slightly less crazy. and this will be?

gotta go Josh is banging down bathroom door cause he has to go exactly the moment Jason got in there. go figure. -Becky


Christine said...

This post made me feel better. :) We have a son whos birthday is the second week of December and so we usually always put our tree up later in the month. We just adopted our daughter who shares her birthday with Jesus. Haven't figured out how we are going to work that one yet. :)