Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new shoes

Hello! I had the pleasure of taking Jason shoe shopping last night. After wearing a size 1 shoe for years, he now is a 3. He did not tell me and his poor toes were scrunching up in his old shoes. Well, this was an experience. I had work until 5:00, then we had a doctor's appointment till about 7:00, then shoe shopping. Well, Jason decided that everything I picked he did not like. When did this happen? He liked the skull and cross bone sneakers, I said no based on conviction. He threw a fit. Then he decided to get back at me and pick $40 and up shoes. I said no to that too. Finally he calmed down and I explained his price limit. He picked a pair of ugly hiking boots and even uglier sneakers. I am so used to just picking stuff out for him in his size. I guess this is over. The whole shopping trip brought back memories of shopping with my mom. Sorry for being so obstinate mom. I remember her trying to take me shopping and me emerging with only a mini skirt. I remember crying cause nothing I liked fit right. Is it payback time?
Mom's have all the fun! Oh wait this is not fun at all! -Becky


Jeannette said...

oh and lets not forget the hairbands at least three at a time that matched the denim skirts
oh and I agree the boots yikes what was he thinking

Becky R said...

he loves them