Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hello! It is Sunday and we turned our clocks back last night. I worked late and then could not fall asleep so I just wasted that extra hour. I think it was around 2:30 am when I finally was able to go to sleep, or was it 1:30 with the time change. Then in morning I had no idea what time it was. I thought I turned all my clocks before bed, I guess I thought about it but did not actually do it. So we were still late for church. I want to be on time, but it rarely happens.
We did not have our garage sale yesturday as it was bad weather. Hopefully we can have this upcoming Saturday. I need to make some money to buy a stackable washer and dryer. I also will be putting some stuff on ebay. I can't believe how much stuff I have gotten rid of since July and how much stuff we still have. God blesses us so.
My aunt is also trying to make some money as she wants to use it to visit her granddaughter in Oklahoma. So pray for nice weather on Saturday and lots of customers!!!

Today my cousin came over with her two kids after church for lunch, this was nice. We looked at some houses online as my cousin is trying to buy her first house. It is so exciting.
Jason and Josh have been playing with legos and a train set (independently not together) for about an hour, I really like down time, we get so little of it. I am heating up some chicken for dinner. Even though I am still full of lunch and candy (today all the left over candy is gone though, not that much as we ate alot. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!)

I hope to have both boys in bed by 9:00, so I can talk to my friend on the phone. I have a new friend that I met on eharmony on Aug. 3rd. He lives in Nebraska, but is very nice to talk to. We talk via email, phone, and written letters, but we have never actually met. This is weird cause it is hard to see what a person is really like in real world circumstances, but I think it is nice to talk about God and stuff that has nothing to do with kids (he has none.) I like to act like a grown up now and again. Hanging out with 4 year olds all day really doesn't foster that.

I am glad this weekend I got to relax a little each day. It's good since we have an activity every night this week. Mon. is doctor's, Tues. I am going to an aerobics class, Wed. is church, Thur. we will stay home and have family night, and Fri. I am driving Jason half way to his dad's. Saturday will be garage sale. I do not have to work this Sat. though so that will be nice. Saturday will also be food shopping. I am trying to make Sundays about just relaxing and quick straighten of house for next day.

Well, my boys are fighting, quiet never lasts too long at my house. -Becky


Anonymous said...

New friend? DO TELL!!!

Jeannette said...

just a reminder, mom has both eyes and ears open, any new friends will be put through all and any needed investigations! See you thought nobody paid any attention to you blog

Becky R said...

I knew you would read this (mom). I figure a Nebraska friend is a safe friend. Oh and Sammy knows about it.