Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello! I just had a dream that some guy tried to kill me so I called my friend and she came and got me and then we drove over a bridge that was out, so we landed in the water with all four of our kids in the car. We saved the kids then I saved our purses and cash. We landed in low tide so we walked out of water, but were stranded on an island. It turned out guy trying to kill me was only in love with me (stalker) and arranged for us to be stuck on that island so he could rescue us after he sent lobster. WEIRD!!!! -Becky

p.s. it's 7:00am on Saturday and I have already been up 1/2 an hour, even weirder!!!!!


logeo92 said...

Hey Becky! Did you eat something weird last night...or is all of this deep-seeded anxiety about the yard sale??? Pretty scary dream except the island and the lobster. That part actually sounded pretty good.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for keeping us posted. Dreams are great...they help remind us that real life isn't so bad!

Jeannette said...

hhhm lobster was I in this dream?
you always dream weird dreams even though the space ship wasn't a dream