Friday, November 9, 2007

new budget

Hello! Below is my new budget. It is very tight and leaves no room for spending, which as we all know is impossible. But God is still so good in that I can pay all bills, still tithe, save, and give a small offerring. We still are SO blessed! He will work out the small details.

I can not advertise for a new daycare child as I have no room in the car for anymore kids. I can fit J*** properly in seat in back, D*** properly in seat in back, and Joshua in his booster seat. Jason fits up front. I have been putting Joshua in front seat with 3 daycare kid's in the back and I just don't feel good about this, as this is the most dangerous seat in the car. So I either need a mini van or someone to take and pick up Joshua Tues., Wed., Thur., & Fri. to preschool, which is not likely. As long as I do not lose anymore daycare kids or child support we should be ok until end of June. We actually are still better than ok, we have our health, a nice house, a nice yard, plenty of food, toys, books, a wash machine, a car, a microwave, two tv's, a vcr, 2 half broken dvd players (don't ask-lol), arts and crafts stuff, warm clothes, heat, running water, hot water, a fridge, ice. SO MUCH! THANK YOU GOD!!!! I am reminded of a missionary I met who told me of a little boy that all he wanted was a ride in a car, and another child who wanted to taste ice. How spoiled are we?
What are your blessings? -Becky