Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hello! I am so sad. One of my daycare kids is leaving in 2 weeks. He has been in my daycare over 2 years. I love him like family. He is leaving cause since I moved he lives 30 min away and mom is finding it is just too far away from her. I understand, but will the new daycare love this boy like I do? I have such a heart for kids. This is not just a job to me.
I also can not afford to lose the $560 a month I will be losing. This is 25% of my income. This stinks. Every time I think my money is ok, something changes. I trust God and am so blessed, but still this is stress. I want to save and give an offering every month. Now I do not think I will be able to do this. I am not getting child support from Jason's dad either. Every time he changes jobs we don't see money for months. I know God already has it all worked out, but it's still hard and sad. I will see this family as they now go to the same church as I do, so this makes me fel better. My job is strange this way as it is emotional and personal. These are kids and this little boy has become part of my family. Just wanted to share. Thanks! -Becky


Jeannette said...

I have a new person for your daycare, she is 83 can take her teeth out and is only nasty when you look at her, talk to her or try to feed her- oh and she doen't like children or old people when can she start?