Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How God used my mistakes

Hello! God is the reason I get through each day. He gave me two awesome families, my family and my church. I have the best support system. It is not easy, somedays I think my kids don't deserve this. I get crazy and yell and say mean stuff. I give my best to others and take my stresses out on them. I am praying about this and I schedule fun time with them. I am real thankful for a fresh start each morning. I apologize to my kids when I sin, by yelling or say a bad word, etc. And God used this.
One day about a year and a half ago I had a good day with kids, but by 6:00 I still had so much more to do. After a while I lost it and yelled at my kids, well Jason asked me if it hurt when you died, and then I had to stop and talk with him, he said he wanted to give his life for Jesus he thought he actually had to die (and he was willing to do it!!!) and I said we don't die we just change our hearts, then he said he couldn't be perfect. But I was able to say Mommy is not perfect see I just yelled at you but God still wants me. How can God use my sin so that Jason would come to know Him? It was so awesome. And Jason gets it, he has a heart for the Lord. He has ADHD and his own issues, but he prays and reads his Bible and wants to give to others all the time. I am so proud of him, and again it's not me it's God. -Becky