Friday, November 2, 2007

Still coming off the sugar high

We made it through halloween. Joshua was Mr. Incredible. Jason was a skateboarder. Joshua did not want to go trick or treating. Jason went with his friends. He came home hyped up, then was cranky, guessing from all the empty candy wrappers in his bag he was coming down from a sugar rush. I guess I forgot to tell him not to eat any candy till I check it (aka- eat my favorites first-lol.)
Joshua stayed on the porch in regular clothes and handed out candy. He went to two houses, his friends and my grandmothers house. He likes to play in his costume so no big deal. We had over one hundred trick or treaters. We handed out one hundred tracks attached to candy or cheese doodles. I pray someone reads and are interested in learning more about God. Last year I had only two trick or treaters. What a diference to have so many this year. Around 4:30 I had to go to the store and get more, yikes. Next year hopefully I will be more prepared. But then I'll probably get like ten kids.
I did not get a picture of Jason as he got home after dark.
I am going to get rid of all the left over candy this weekend or eat it all, have not decided yet. My kids can have 5 pieces each, now that's setting a good example (I get 25, they get 5- that's fair, right?) -Becky


Jeannette said...

Can you say I can't eat the candy but my mom can