Tuesday, July 14, 2009

God is so faithful

God keeps reminding me how much He loves me and how I already have exactly what and who in my life I need to get through this time.

Today I went to visit a friend who had her second baby 6 weeks ago, this was my first time seeing him. It was a nice visit and a nice time chatting with her. God gave me such joy in holding little Eli and getting hugs from his older brother, Ethan.

Then I took the kids bowling. Some other friend, including Monica were there as well. It was such a pleasant time chatting with friends.

Then at 6:00pm my youth pastor and his family came over to help me mow the grass, trim some weeds, and cut down the small jungle that had taken over my backyard. There help was a huge blessing as well.

As Pastor Josh pulled weed after weed my heart was pierced. As I saw each weed and the root I felt like I was looking into my heart. How easy that the weeds wrap around and suffocate the good bushes, shrubs, and flowers. Just as easily as sin pushes the Lord out of my life. One weed had a huge long root (like 3 feet long.) We couldn't believe Pastor Josh had pulled it out, but he said it was shallow. It reminded me that sin has no place in my life, yes it may come in, but I can easily pull it out by calling on the name of the Lord.

God keeps literally sending me the same message about His love for me being enough right now and how He is sending me physical reminders in those who love me every single day. Today seeing those weeds was a further reminder that sin has no place in my life.

Even though I get God's message, please pray that I choose to live His way and not my way.



Bones said...

Becky that weed analogy really ministered to me today. I seriously need to pull some weeds.

Mara said...


I, too, was moved by the very visual description of the weeds that had wrapped around the good bushes, etc. It's a good reminder to me that pulling those "weeds" from my heart is a daily endeavor, but the result is a beautiful garden (and relationship with God)!

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Mara (a flawless blog sister!)