Friday, July 31, 2009

Financial check up-opps!

Finances not looking so good. I should not have spent so much mad money over past two months. I had paid all my bills until Aug. 1st, but today I spent $75 that I didn't have to spend, and when I got home from water park I had a gas and electric bill that I was not expecting (they are due in Aug., but I thought I had prepaid enough to cover them as well.)

I have to figure out a way to come up with:
$75-pay back money I used today
$200-owe my contact fund (which I need new contacts asap)
$120-electric bill
$45-gas bill

$440 needed by Aug. 11th

Plus I will be short about $300 on Aug. bills as well.

So actually I need about $740 by the end of August. The main reason is I was scheduled to go back to work ( I had been off due to my ankle surgery) on Friday June 19th (I think that is the date.) But since my brother died on the 14th of June (the Sunday before) I was not able to go back. So my job had to hire someone else (since I had already been out 3 months.)

I also spent too much mad money on stupid stuff in the past few months (expecting to be back to work by now.)

I will work my Sat. job in Aug. and make about $240, so I will need to find another way to come up with about $500 by the end of Aug. I will start be seeing what I can sell in our house. Next, I will ask everyone I know if they need any childcare from now until summer's end. That I can do with my kids as to not incur any childcare costs.

Now, I do have money in an emergency fund and a house fund as well, but my goal is to not touch any of that at all.

I think it is good to evaluate where I am financially a lot, to avoid being in situations like this.

How often do you check your finances?



Becky said...

I take a good look at ours every two weeks when we get paid. I use Quicken, which is nice. I have all of my bills set up to remind me a couple of days in advance that they are due. There is also a list in Quicken of all of my upcoming bills, so that they don't catch me by surprise! Of course, if I don't check Quicken every two weeks, I still occasionally get caught by surprise :)