Friday, July 17, 2009

When it rains

We always used to say , "When it rains, it pours" to describe when a bad thing happens, more usually follow.

Today my brother Kevin was telling me how his back has failed him and how one of Eric's dogs is very sick. Kevin is staying at Eric's to take care of the dogs until a decision about them is made. They took the sick dog, Lemmy to the vet ($400 visit) and still they can not find an answer (he has been sick for a long time, Eric had surgery on her about two months ago. It was about $2,000.) This is all so horrible. My sister has become attached to the dogs and this is making things even harder for her. Plus coming up with money to pay all Eric's bills has been hard enough. Now there are vet bills as well.

I am not really involved in all the cleaning up and caring for the dogs, as my boys are about all I can handle, however this really stinks all this stuff they have to do on top of grieving and everyday life stuff.

Please pray that Lemmy gets better. Pray for strength and energy for all of us. Pray for financial provisions for Eric's bills, and Kevin's bills (as Kevin is not working at this time and still has all the bills at his own condo as well.) Pray for Samantha who is starting a new job this upcoming week. Pray for my mom who is doing so much. Pray for Scott as well.