Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pepper recipes needed

Hi! What can I do with all the peppers that are in my garden? I need some recipes. I eat them raw, I eat them in salad. What else can I do? Thanks! -Becky


Anonymous said...


Or you could roast them and make roasted peppers (jarred). They are SO yummy.

You basically put them on a tray in your oven on 425 until the skin is crispy and blackened some. Take them out and let them cool. Then peels off the skin and throw it away. Cut up the peppers into hunks or slices. Put them in jars with Olive oil and garlic. (make sure they are covered in the oil) . Then store in your fridge. You can also freeze the roasted peppers before you add oil. They are SO yummy in salads, pasta, and on crackers or Italian bread.

Unknown said...

I like the roasted pepper recipe Becky. Give them to Grandma. She makes the best roasted peppers. Yummo

Also, there is Stuffed peppers. You can make them with rice and ground beef or just rice and mushrooms.

Peppers and eggs. Pepper Steak, grandma makes wonderful Pepper steak. Can you have her make some and ship it to me. YUMM