Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am so blessed

I noticed my yard was a bit overgrown the other day. Alright it was looking like a jungle. I knew that I could not handle it on my own so I enlisted help from my church. Monday night my youth pastor and his family came over and did like 80% of the yard. Then another family was going to come over Tues., but I had hurt myself trying to help on Monday night so I cancelled them. Then yesterday another church member came and finished the job. In addition a group of men were available to come finish the job on Sat. if it was not already finished. God has provided for each and every need I have had over the past 12 years. However the help and comfort He is providing me since Eric's death through those that love me and Him is beyond words incredible. And I do not feel as if I am burdening anyone. I feel like these people are happy to help.

Last night I was having a hard time just being so I called Monica and she came over immediately and put Josh to bed for me. Then she let me be and then helped me clean and put away the laundry that has been sitting in my living room for days. Because of Christ I have such love in my life.

It makes me cry tears of joy to be reminded yet again of how blessed I am. I am so thankful to the Lord and those in my family and to my friends.


Thank you that you love me. Thank you for all the people you have put in my life to remind me of your love for me. I pray you bless each and every person who selflessly gives of themselves to help make my life better. I pray I can be filled with this love and pass it on as well. I pray that you give me the energy and strength to grow in my walk with you and to parent my boys in a way that would honour you Lord. I thank you that that is all I have to focus on right now Lord.

In Jesus Name,