Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Night

Kids were asleep by 10:30pm. That is a good night for us. Josh did get up so he did not earn video game privileges for tomorrow though.

After boys were asleep I wrote in my prayer journal (which I highly recommend, it helps keep distractions while praying to a minimum.) Then I read the first day of Becoming the Woman I Want to Be by Donna Partow. It has a daily verse to memorize, scripture reading, prayer, and questions to help you grow in the Lord. Plus it gives you assignments to help treat your body like the temple God intended. Today's items were:
-drink hot lemon water (1/4 a real lemon steeped in hot water, then squeeze the lemon and drink-yummy)
-take a good multi vitamin and vitamin c (which I still have to get the vitamin c)
-eat as many raw/steamed veggies from list as possible
-jump on rebounder (mini trampoline 2-3 min.)
-walk 15 min.

This study is meant to be done in am, so I did not eat any veggies and I did not exercise at all, but tomorrow my goal is to do study in am, so I can get all the mini assignments in.

I feel good. I am off to bed. This is an early night for us, I may actually get a full 8 hours of sleep (I plan to be up at 7:30am to pray on the phone with my friend Kristen and start my study.)