Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am trying to stay on top of everything, especially at co-op, but today I realized I still needed to buy about 16 more readers for Jason for history. So I just placed my final order. They were $152 with tax. Yikes. Another unexpected expense. So far his history class stuff has cost me $297. This includes a textbook, flashcards, memory cd, timeline book, timeline figures, and about 20 readers (books he has to read.) I wanted to get the reader's at the library, but they did not have most of them. Joshua's history stuff only cost me about $50.

Of course I think this is important, but still a bit pricey. Especially since I still had to buy all other other subjects for each boy.

Here is my homeschool budget breakdown for this school year:

$ 50 co-op fee
$297 Jason history
$ 50 Joshua history
$ 40 Jason science
$ 57 Josh science (book, student pages, and experiment kit)
$ 30 Joshua Language Arts
$ 50 Jason Language Arts
$ 15 Joshua handwriting
$ 15 Josh Latin (book and cd)
$ 15 Jason Latin (book and cd)
$ 40 Jason math
$ 40 Joshua math
$ 30 Joshua Magic School Bus reader's to go with his curriculum
$ 10 Jason vocabulary
$ 10 Joshua art book and blank book
$ 5 Jason blank book for art
$ 10 Wiki sticks for Jasons OT stuff
$ 20 $5 for each class for supplies (history & science for each child)
$ 40 new backpacks
$120 HSLD membership

$944 total on books, bookbags, co-op, and HSLD membership

(this does not include school supplies like pencils, binders, paper, and such, my mom bought all these-Thanks mom!)

I did budget $1,000 for this stuff, but I thought I had bought everything so I spent about $200 on other stuff, but after today's order I realize I needed the full $1,000.

I think we are all set for this year. We have to be, we can not spend any more on books this year. (Even though it is a weakness of mine.)

What did you spend on homeschooling this year? (If you homeschool that is)



Carlee said...

Like you, I am still spending! Mckenna's Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies Curriculum alone was 300. Plus I had/have to get 37 books to go with it. I found some at the library, a few we already had, and then I found Swaptree.com. You sign up, list books or CDs or Movies you own that you are willing to swap, and then list what you want. When a match is made (can be over many people--you don't necessarily send to the person you receive from) they notify you what to send, and you pay the Media Mail postage (under $3.00 for almost everything).

It's been a great source for us!

My mom bought us a lot of supplies as well, and then we have a curriculum lending library where you can check stuff out for a whole year!

I was able to use my daughter's kindergarten stuff for my son, and borrow a lot of other stuff from other parents.

We had to buy a table, so that was $50 on Craigslist, and I spent $13 on a preschool curriculum that now I spend more on to print out.

I know there is more--it gets so expensive. But, it is very worth the cost!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

My wife is a teacher so I feel your pain. You know public school is free right!? and you can have free time ;) You should go back to school while the boys are at school, you should become a nurse!!

Becky R said...

I will eventually go back to school, as I love to learn. I want to be an OT actually.

I feel God wants me to homeschool, so He is making a way. But sending them back to school does appeal at times. (Or sending them anywhere lol.) Seriously, although it is a huge sacrifice I only have my boys for a short time (Jason will be 18 in about 6 years.) For this season they are my career.

Thanks for for all your comments.

Jeannette said...

I love that God provides for you in all circumstances. You can write so many testimonies on How God has been in your life. HHMm maybe that is your calling, writing a testimony book