Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something vinegar doesn't do

I only have one carpet in my house (in the living room.) The rest is hard wood floor (bedrooms, and part of living room), tile (bathroom), and vinyl (kitchen and front hall)
Well, the carpet is really stained (it is cream colored), but vinegar alone does not get rid of the stains. I just tried some of my homemade laundry soap to see how that will work. I also bought Seventh Generation carpet cleaner. I am trying both on two separate coffee stains on the rug, to see which if any works better. Here is the funny thing, I do not drink coffee. Both times Duane brought his coffee into living room and set it down. Both times Joshua knocked it over on accident. Duane is not yet used to the fact that little kids will spill stuff. So if the stains come clean they will both be off the hook.

What works for you on carpet stains? Any home made solutions? Any good natural / organic stuff?

I will let you know if any of my solutions worked.