Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frugal, fun, fire night

Tonight we grilled burgers and then made a fire. We sat outside for two hours with the kids and just added to the fire, chatted, jumped on trampoline, and relaxed. We did not yell or fight. It was a very frugal, yet super fun night. Except of course when Josh peed to put out the fire. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Josh by the fire
Duane proud of starting the fire (he actually makes really good fires that last a long time)

p.s. I saved all my dryer lint for months to make a fire starter to start this fire


Christine said...

What a great idea! I think I will start saving mine!

Jeannette said...

Dryer lint, I don't use my dryer, wait can I just use the clothes the lint came from?

You are awesome, but where was my invite to the bon fire?