Thursday, September 3, 2009

First week of homeschooling at home complete

Our first week of homeschooling at home is almost complete (tomorrow is a light day as each boy only has to do Bible, devotion, reading, & a current events.) Jason is sleeping at his grandparents and will do that stuff with them, so I only have to work with Joshua on those things.

I can say that I am exhausted! I did not manage to get up by 7:30/8:00 everyday, but we managed to get all school work done and get to co-op on time Tues. & Thur., so that is a positive for this week.

Monday & Wed. at home Joshua did:
Bible (reading it and a devotion), Handwriting, Creative writing, Math, Language Arts, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, and Reading. He also did 6 chores each day (as he is 6.)

Jason did:
Bible (reading it and a devotion), Handwriting, Creative writing, Math, Language Arts, Vocabulary, and Reading. He also had to do History and Science homework from co-op. He also did 11 chores each day.

Tues. & Thur. we all did Bible, reading, and co-op.

Each day we did some sort of P.E. I even took three walks this week (not my goal of five, but better than none.)

I will say that Joshua was very well behaved during school time. We still had going to bed issues a few days, but that would occur no matter where he was in school (as it has been an ongoing problem.) Jason also has been well behaved, although new routines and people are harder for him to adjust to. He did do well on his history test today.

Also both my boys played very nice together this week. I was really impressed by that. They both discovered they like to play catch together and found mitts and balls in the shed.

I have loved being in preschool at co-op, especially working with the two woman I am working with, they are such a blessing to me. Although six active preschool boys are a lot of work, the joy I see in their faces is such blessing as well.

I am going to go food shopping now and then get to bed early. Tomorrow after Josh and I do those few things he has a doctor's appointment and then we are going peach picking with my mom. I am so excited. I love picking fruit. Except I hope no one throws any at me like when we went blueberry picking, the peaches may hurt. Ouch! Lol.


p.s. as a teacher I know things like history are common nouns and are not supposed to be capitalized, but I did it anyway in this post.


Jeannette said...

Gosh I did not even think of throwing peaches, thanks for thinking of it.
I am happy your first week went well, now how many more weeks do we have to go?

Anonymous said...

We are back to a regular schedule - and I too am POOPED!