Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am mad

We discovered our hot water was not working some time last week. Odd since it was replaced by a licensed plumber no more than a year ago. I called the same plumber who charged me $101 just to come out and diagnose the problem. Why did I have to pay them? They bought the hot water heater. Anyway they said it was a faulty part on the unit. I could pay them another $165 to replace it? Huh? So I called Whirlpool and they said they would send a tech out to fix it (they knew about the faulty part.) He came today. He was supposed to come between 8am-12pm and he came at 1:00pm (after I called to see where he was.) Since he was not a plumber he could not touch my washer dryer unit. This has to be moved before you can get to the hot water heater. This is why I always call a plumber in regards to this stuff (I don't want to mess with the gas line.) He told me once I get the washer dryer unit moved he can come back and fix the hot water heater. I called Whirlpool again and asked them to send a plumber but they do not do that.

I am so so upset. We have been without hot water all week. Tues. night I took a cold shower. Yesterday I went to my aunt's to shower. It has been since last weekend that the boys have showered.

I paid about $1,000 last year to the plumber to purchase and install a new working hot water heater, thinking I would not have to think about it again for 5-7 years. Not 10 months. Yet, here I am without hot water and $101 more dollars. Plus now I have to pay a plumber to move the washer dryer unit and then what pay him again to put my the unit back?

I guess I am done venting. I will be in prayer about my heart as well as what to do.

What would you do?



Carlee said...

I don't know about out there, but in CA if you can get a strong friend to move the washer and dryer, the gas company will come for free to turn the gas off. It's worth a call to the gas company, maybe?

Jeannette said...

I would send this exact letter to the plumber and to Whirlpool and to the better business bureau. I understand the plumber has to make money, but not at his error.
You can come here anytime to shower, I have nice tubs and nice Hot water

Becky R said...

I actually need to disconnect my washer so I can pull it out. I have a gas shut off valve. But I can't pull out the washer until it is disconnected and it makes me nervous to reconnect it and then use it in case it is not put back on properly.

jersey girl said...

Sometimes being a home owner sucks, doesn't it. I am having a similar problem with the drer I bought less than 2 yrs ago. The installers never put the dryer door on properly and that caused the switch to break. Frigidaire will give me apart allowance, but I still need a repair person to put the new part in and put the door on correctly. We don't mind spending money, but when things are done in error and then we have to pay to fix them, ARRGGHH!!