Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Sept.

Yikes, where does the time go? Today we had co-op and then we went to the park with another homeschooling family.

I was a little peeved as Jason usually climbs to the very top of any playground (like above it.) This never bothers me as he knows his limitations, plus it keeps him from climbing the curtains at home-lol. The playground we were on had a sign that said, "this playground is geared for 5-12 year olds." Well, he is only 11 (and doesn't look older.) But another mom with toddlers told him he couldn't play on the playground. I assume her kids were trying to emulate him and climb up, but he got very upset (he wasn't doing anything wrong) and then he would not play on the playground until the woman left.

Now, when I am on the playground I will tell a child I do not know to be nice (if say they are hitting my child), but I felt like this mom should not have told him he couldn't play. Plus technically she was in the wrong as the playground was for 5-12 year olds. Right next to it was the 0-5 playground. Her kids did not look five. Yet still, I would never tell them they can't play there. I actually tell my kids to watch out for the little ones (by the way Jason is very good with little kids.)

No real point to this post, just venting. I am glad Jason was respectful of the woman and didn't tell her off as I have seen some kids on the playground do (not today.) But my mama bear instinct kicked in and it upset me that he was upset. He handled it well, and actually used that time to whittle with his, gasp, pocket knife. I am sure the playground lady would have objected to that as well. Ok, ok I will calm down and say a pray for this family later. Alright, I'll do it now. I will even be grateful that someone else was looking out for Jason's safety.