Tuesday, November 9, 2010


With all the chores my kids do, Jason's room occasionally gets neglected and I have to help him out with it. (It goes something like this, if you don't have that room clean by ____ -insert day, I will clean it, and everything on floor is garbage.)

Today I had to help him out. It looked like a bomb exploded, plus I was out of towels (which he said were not in his room.)

Two and half hours, two bags garbage, and four loads dirty clothes later I am done. Jason's response, "I need to rest, because I am upset you cleaned my room." Actually I think I need to rest. lol.

One thing I will say is the boys rooms are small (about 7'x11'), so they are hard to keep neat and organized. My own room (6' x 10') is messy as well (I am about to tackle it next.)

To help with that I got rid of some toys Jason does not play with and some he does. If they were on floor they went in trash (ok, I kept alot, including all his legos, wii, and dsi stuff.) Then we went through his toys in closet together and he agreed to give away three games, a science kit (that I took for younger kids in co-op), and a bug making kit (that I also will be using with kids at co-op.)

So that made room for all his toys to fit in his closet. I also organized and decluttered his clothes. All his shirts are hanging. His pj's, socks, and underwear have a drawer under the bed. His pants for now are in a pile on the closet floor.

I hope he can keep it this way for awhile.

Now off to straighten my room. And then cook dinner.