Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Christmas traditions

I will start this post by saying I love presents. One of my love languages is gifts. Buying me a gift or writing me a note makes me feel loved. (The value of the gift is not important, if you remember my fav. toothpaste is Tom's of Maine Spearmint and buy me a tube, I feel loved because you remember that I hate Peppermint.)

Growing up our Christmas's were great. I had my family, and great food, and lots of gifts. We all took turns opening the gifts so that we all got to see what each other got. The memories of Christmas mornings are very dear to me. Of course I can barely remember what gifts I got but can recall the sitting around the living room, throwing wrapping paper at each other, mom's new slippers, and yummy brunch with all the cousins, grandma, and aunts and uncle. I can smell the pork roll and cinnamon rolls as I type.

Although I greatly value the memories I have of Christmas's growing up. I have not recreated the exact ones for my boys.

I try to make Christmas last the entire season, not just on Christmas day.

We start getting in the holiday season by making shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child (these are made in Nov.)

We spend all of Dec. trying to give to other's. Usually we adopt a family and buy items from that families wish list. Also I encourage my boys to save allowance to buy gifts for friends, and each other.

We usually put our tree up after Jason's birthday (Dec. 10th.) We put it up as a family.

Each day in Dec. we read a Christmas book (I have a nice collection from getting a few here and there over the years.) We also love watching Christmas movies as a family.

Christmas Eve we got to church (it is a candlelight service.)

Christmas morning my boys get three gifts each from me (just as Jesus got three gifts.) Even though Santa is not a huge part of our holiday they usually will get a gift from Santa. (because Santa loves God and brings gifts to share God's love.)

We usually spend the rest of the day with family.

I am enjoying these adult Christmas memories as well. I hope my children will recall them as fondly as I recall my childhood Christmas memories.

What are some of your family traditions?



Becky said...

This year we won't do much, but I really like the "kids get three gifts b/c Jesus got three gifts" idea. I heard it in my mom's group a couple of weeks ago. :)

Becky R said...

I don't actually have the 3 gifts for my boys yet, but am working on sewing them something.