Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Green Clean Gift Idea

Make a green clean kit for $10 or less.

-Gallon vinegar $2
-Print or write out list of cleaning uses for vinegar
-Baking Soda $2 (2-3 small boxes)
-Print or write out cleaning uses for baking soda
-Spray bottle $1 (or reuse an old spray bottle you have for free)
-Cleaning Cloths Free-$3 (make, sew out of old towels, or buy a package)
-Scrubbies Free (make out of mesh that comes on lemons and other fruit and veggies-fold up and rubber band or knot, these work great)
-Tote bag Free-$1 (recycle one you have at home, sew one with fabric you already have, or buy one, food store ones are about $1)
-Bottle Peroxide $1 (use as you would bleach on stains on counters, in shower, etc., and on clothes)
-If you got tote, cleaning cloths, and spray bottle for free you can also add a gallon of homemade laundry soap as well $2

Make up one for everyone on your list.

I would love this as a gift and it creates no clutter.



Joanna said...

Hi Becky!
Do you make these up to sell?
That way since you know what you're doing, I can buy them from you, and then give as a gift!!!!!

I'm serious!

Joanna said...

In case my comment did not go through...
I want to know if you would make it and I'll buy it from you, since you know what you're doing already!!????

I'm serious.

Becky R said...

I would love to get together one day and make these up with you, but am willing to make them up and sell them as well.

Thanks for the interest.