Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where do I go?

Since posting about my no drive days I thought I would post about where we go.

Wed. 3-5 homeschool co-op / 6-8 church
Thur. 3 occasionally babysit
Fri. 12-1 doctor appointment / 3-5 homeschool co-op / 7 work at Temple
Sat. errands / 4 babysit
Sun. 9-12 Sunday school and church

Either Mon. or Tues is our library day or no drive day (we alternate.)

In addition we visit Jason's great grandfather at least once a week and I try to visit my grandmother as well once a week (usually Fri. in am.)

I need to add in 3-5 cleaning jobs a week. My goal:
2 jobs Mon. or Tues
1 job Thur.
1 job Sat.

leaving either Mon. or Tues. as a stay home, no drive day

What does your week look like?