Friday, November 19, 2010

Selfish post

I am itching to buy some fabric. I actually want to use it to make a few more Christmas gifts, but I can't spend another dime I do not have (see previous post.) I am going to ask for donations of fabric (especially flannel) from anyone who has any (family, friends, etc.) Even old flannel sheets that are stained or ripped will work for my needs.

I am proud of myself as I have resisted going to the fabric store even though I have a coupon.

Just needed to praise myself (plus I am procrastinating washing the dog who likes to roll in yucky stuff.)

Have a great day!



Becky said...

Good job! I know how tough it is to resist the craft/fabric stores :)

Unknown said...

hi,. I was blog surfing. stopped to say a God bles you. Good luck with your health, prayers for your finances. blessings.