Sunday, November 7, 2010

My kid's chores

My kid's do chores every day.

Jason has 12 chores daily. Josh has 7 chores daily. (They are 12 and 7 years old.)

Some of Jason's chores:
feed dog
walk dog
clean up dog poop
make bed
put all dirty clothes in hamper
put away all clean clothes
put away all books
put away all toys
clear bedroom floor
empty garbage in room
dust tv, tv stand, & computer screen with vinegar spray
straighten living room
vacuum living room
take out kitchen garbage and replace bag
wash kitchen table
take out compost
throw in a load of laundry
hang laundry on line
put clothes from washer to dryer
clean out car
empty dishwasher
load dishwasher
dustbust floor
mop floor by back door
take garbage cans to curb Mon. & Thur. night

Some of Josh's chores:
feed dog
take dog out
take out compost
take out garbage and replace bag
make bed
clear floor in room
put dirty clothes in hamper
put toys away
put books away
empty trash in room
empty dishwasher
load dishwasher
wash kitchen table
clean out car
clean bathroom mirror with vinegar
clean bathroom cabinet
clean toilet
clean bathroom floor
feed hermit crab
water hermit crab
dustbust floors

They actually do a really good job at many of their chores. I have had them doing chores since they were very young.
The also are expected to clear own dishes after meals and occasionally my dishes as well. They sometimes cook meals with my help. They also help me do yard work, gardening, and watering plants.
I am trying to train them to be adult men who can take care of themselves and know how to clean. I want them to be a blessing to future roommates and their spouse. Plus I CAN'T do it all. (From above list it may seem I do nothing, lol, that is my goal, but somehow I still have lots of work to do daily.) I need their help. That is our reality.

Do your kids have chores? What are some of their chores (plus their ages?)



Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

I liked this list. It made me look at my kids chores and unfortunately for my boys, it gave me more ideas. But it also showed me how I can break chores down into simplier steps. ei, Scott pick up books, David pick up toys, instead of a general clean up.

Becky R said...

With special needs kids, or I imagine all kids, or mine at least it is overwhelming if I say go clean your room. They will just sit there or get caught up in playing, etc.
One chore at a time (pick up books, pick up legos) seems much more helpful. Especially since they can do some schoolwork, do a chore or two, go play (preferably outside), and start all over again, allowing for a lot of movement.
The other thing I forget to mention is teaching the kids how to do a chore is also helpful. And this teaching may takes many times before they get it.
Ideally the teaching comes at 2,3,&4, but it is never to late to start.
We can't expect a 12 year old to know how to do something if they are not shown.
But at this point in my house Josh cleans a mean bathroom (for a 7 year old) and Jason has the living room covered.
Now if only they did windows. lol.