Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Practical Gift

This can be costly, but will be used and appreciated. Would especially be great for a housewarming gift. It's a ...

A first aid or cold care kit.

Who doesn't need band aids, head ache meds, cold meds, etc?

Find out about recipient and what medicines they use. If they use homoeopathic, stock up on those. If they don't use dye, make sure all meds are dye free (things like Children's Tylenol has dye in it.)

For first aid kit get some band aids (all sizes), neosporin, alcohol, cotton balls, ace bandage, reusable cold pack, reusable warm pack, tea tree oil is great too. You can add emergency blanket, flashlight, glow stick, hand radio, etc. A used tool box or dollar store one will hold all this nicely.

For cold care kit get some head ache / fever medicine, cold medicine, chest rub, sore throat drops, sore throat spray, medicated lip balm, and saline nose spray. Add some boxed tissues or sew some homemade tissues out out flannel. Flannel is so soft and not linty at all. A wicker basket with a handle would house all this nicely, and make it portable to carry to different rooms.
You can even alter this if recipient is already sick and make it a get well gift, add some books and dvds (used of course) and some homemade or store bought soup as well.

Some other homemade touches for kits:

-boo boo bunny
-reusable aches and pain pads (using 2 pieces fabric sew square, any size, leave one side open, fill with white rice, sew up open side. Directions, heat in microwave and apply to area in need of some TLC)
-homemade tea (I dry spearmint leaves, put in dark jar, add a reusable tea bag, and instructions on how to brew)
-other possibilities are endless

What would you want in first aid or cold care kit?

Who do you know that would benefit from receiving one of these?