Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unbudgeted for Oct. spending

$13-Petsmart-pet treats
$15-Gamestop new controller for Jason
$10-magnet to hang my fall wreath
$100-payment on Kohl's charge *
$8-baby spoons
$5-A&P non food
$10-mailing baby gift to cousin's new baby
$10-mailing box to my friend
$6-ebay seller fees
$80-Christmas donation to sponsor children
$36-donation of food to needy family
$63-socks for me, boys, and some for Operation Christmas child boxes *
$75-non toxic cleaning supplies (for my new cleaning business) *
$20-Diabetes walk donation
$40-business cards for new cleaning business *
$10-mop and bucket for new cleaning business *
$5-Dunkin Donuts for boys
$5-recycled garbage bags
$32-Babies movie and something else at Target
$105-Great Adventure (food, gas to go, souvenir for Josh and Kaiden)
$60-boys fish oil *
$13-Blockbuster-renting movies
$54-Lady antibiotics *
$33-2007 blog book
$85-holistic dog food, harness, new leash, and breath treats for Lady

$962-I could kick myself

I put a * next to the things that I needed to do ($402), everything else was wants.
It kills me because I am actually $300 short on paying Oct. bills. The money could have come from above wants I spent.

I thought I had a good handle on my money, but clearly I was wrong. I need you to guide me in all my decisions. I need your wisdom. I need your patience. I need more of you in me!

In Jesus Name,


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I stumbled upon your blog because my Google Alerts are set to pick up on blog posts about Compassion or sponsor children. I read your prayer and lifted you up to Him. What helps me is to keep a picture of our first sponsor child in my wallet. Her family lives on about $10 a month, so it helps me to gauge my impulse shopping. Bless you...

Becky R said...

We have two sponsor children with Compassion, and realize how blessed we are. That is a good idea to remember them when wanting to impulse spend.
Thanks for commenting!