Thursday, November 18, 2010

My medical issues

I asked in my last post for prayer for my medical issues.

I wanted to explain that a bit as to not worry anyone too much.

First, I need to lose weight.

Second, for some reason my body is not functioning right (could be all the extra weight.) My liver has fat deposits in it. My body is not properly digesting my food. I am vitamin deficient (from the food not being digested properly.) I am extremely tired all the time (yes, being up at 1:00am could be the culprit-lol.) My cholesterol is way off. And I get easily irritated and am not much fun to be around at times.

In regards to the weight it seems like it could be so easy to do, but for some reason it is hard for me. Honestly I am lazy. I like to sit around and read a book or watch a movie. Also I am not self motivated. I also need to eat better and in more consistent intervals. Many times I skip breakfast, or another meal. Sometimes I eat too late at night as well. Sometimes I eat really bad stuff (like salt and vinegar chips, even though they burn my tongue, still yum.)

But it all comes down to excuses. I know what is right with eating and exercise:

eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2-3 light snacks daily
eat healthy foods, that are not processed and full of dyes, etc.
do not eat after 7pm
drink 8 glasses water daily
exercise 30 min. daily 5-6 days a week
be asleep by 11pm and up by 8am (to get my body in a good schedule)

This stuff is common sense, so please pray it could be my common sense!!!

Second, I am under a doctor's care regarding liver and digestive issues. I am taking vitamin d and fish oil daily (ok sometimes I forget.) I just got more blood work on Monday. I am seeing a GI doctor later this month.

I want to heal naturally without medicines, and I sure losing weight, eating healthier, and getting on better sleep schedule is the key to many of my problems. So pray that God would help me with the motivation part!



Anonymous said...

No idea this was going on!!!


Have they checked your thyroid?

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...


We do body for life, a 12 week program which uses exactly what you mentioned 3 meals with snacks in between. You have to do work outs 6 days a week but the nice thing is Sunday is a cheat day, you can eat anything you want. Like I said each session is only 12 weeks so if you start it and hate it you don't have to do it again after 12 weeks. If you like it, it becomes for life :)

Check it out

Pick at the book at and read it, trust me it is worth it.

In the end you have to want to change.

Good luck