Saturday, November 27, 2010

What will you give?

After posting my selfish post about what I want for Christmas I wanted to post to encourage others to do something for someone in need this Christmas.

We have already:
-Sent money so each of our sponsor children through Compassion can have a gift
-Helped our church make up 40 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas child

We are going to:
-chip in with another family to buy gifts for two local families that can not afford gifts this year
-make cookies for our neighbors
-buy diapers to donate to Solutions, our local Christ based pregnancy center

So many people, organizations, churches, neighbors, and more are in need. The possibilities of what you can do to lift someones spirits are endless.

What are some ideas your family is doing this holiday season to help those in need?



Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

you have inspired me to do more this Holiday season