Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Impact Man

Just watched No Impact Man last night.


I believe we should care for the earth because we need to be good stewards of all that belongs to God. I think it was good this family raised awareness that we consume TOO much, by living without much for a year. They only bought local food, rode bikes (they live in NYC), tried to have no garbage at all, lived without power for 6 months, bought nothing (but food) new, did worm composting, and more.

I enjoyed watching their adventure and am even considering reading the book. Living more naturally, and especially frugally certainly appeals to me. So if I can learn something new I am all for it.

One thing that struck me about their experiment is that they obviously made much more money than me so buying healthier food was easier for them. It is very hard on my food budget to eat all organic and local food. I do try and want to do best for my family. But $400 a month for the three of us only goes so far. That is $100 a week, or $13 a day.

I am happy that they can afford such healthy food choices, just pointing out how costly it could be if we all ate local, organic food. Although I agree this would have great environmental impact.

But in regards to my walk with the Lord, although I feel He absolutely wants me to eat better, I am not sure if I am feeling called to eat only local and organic food. I do buy a few things (eggs, milk, bread, and beef) organic. I also buy a few things grown locally (produce.)

Have you seen the movie? Read the book? Any thoughts?


disclaimer: this movie has some curses. Otherwise it would make a great family movie, but for that reason I don't want my kids watching it.


Becky said...

I just reserved it from the library :)

Jeannette said...

2K December 4

Anonymous said...

I think this is often a problem with trying to live "green" -there's a definite class/privilege division. Still, it's interesting to see how folks from all walks of life journey towards living a more sustainable life. It's good to be gentle to the planet.

Becky R said...

The food is harder for me as eating healthy (as in local and organic) costs me almost double.

But other things I can do easily:
-use dryer sparingly (hang clothe on my clothesline) COST FREE
-reuse old t-shirts, towels, etc as rags instead of buying toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues COST FREE
-make my own cleaners using vinegar, baking soda, oranges, borax, and washing soda Cost WAY CHEAPER THAN BUYING STORE BOUGHT CLEANERS
-Try to drive less COST FREE
-Stay home more COST FREE
-Read more books / Watch less tv COST FREE FROM LIBRARY & BOOKSWAPS