Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oct. bills

I just realized I am $312 short on Oct. bills. I still need to pay:
$115 electric bill
$107 termite bill (I have a contract with them)
$ 50 water bill
$ 50 sewer bill
$ 60 phone/internet

I have $70, but I am still $312 short.

I do have my tax money ($1,200) that is due this week, so that is a praise!

This week I am working Fri. night for $50, and cleaning an apartment for $60. Both these amounts will go towards $312 still due, reducing amount to $202.

The water, sewer, and phone/intenet have not actually even come in mail yet. But the termite and electric are due asap.

I really messed up. Up until Sept. of this year all my bills have been paid up by the end of the month. Last month I went over by 1 week. This month it seems I will go over by 2 weeks. Yikes. This is dangerous.
I need to do whatever I can to get this $202 by the end of this week. Let me see what I can sell around the house.



Unknown said...

I UNDERSTAND! At one point last year, after paying bills and buying toilet paper, we were over drawn.

What I have learned is:

-God will provide
-There are things I can live without
-those are the things I sell
-It is easier to live on more money, when you know how to live on less.

My journey has been difficult for two years, BUT well worth it. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Jeannette said...

maybe you and Kevin should switch your bills, he is responsible for yours and you are responsible for his, I think we often are better with other peoples money than our own-just a thought

Anonymous said...

Who's Kevin?

Becky R said...

Kevin is my younger brother!