Monday, November 3, 2008

another why it matters story

this came to me after I posted original post this morning:

Another story from Woman #3

"I was a divorced 22 year old mother of 2 children, when I met and fell in love with who I thought was the greatest man on earth. We were together for about a year and 1/2 when I got pregnant. I wanted very much to keep the baby, although I knew it was going to be hard, especially having 2 babies already.

I wasn't sure if I was going to marry this man or not, and we spent many days crying and trying to decide what to do, whether I should have an abortion or not. We chose "NOT" to have the baby. In my heart I knew that I was not doing the right thing, and then again I felt confused. I was very embarrassed about being pregnant, not married and having 2 babies already, I felt I couldn't tell my Parents at all. I did wind up telling my Mother, and I praise God that I had a Mother who I was able to go to with this decision I had made.

The Father of the baby drove me to my appointment at Planned Parenthood, and I was quickly given what they call the counseling portion of the process. I will never forget the pain of that day! Not the pain from the actual "procedure", but the pain of "NOT" wanting to have the abortion, but yet, having it anyway. When I look back I wonder, what was I thinking???? I loved babies, I loved children, I loved being a Mom. Personally, I think I did it to please the Father of the Baby, the Love of my Life, the Greatest Man on Earth, the one that I wasn't sure if we were going to truly have a life together.

I have to tell you, this man is my Husband today, of 22 years. We remained together, and there is "NOT" one day that goes by that we don't regret having the abortion 23 years ago. And there are always reminders of our "SIN" and always pain in our hearts that we couldn't hold that child in our arms all these years, and watch him or her grow into a Beautiful Godly person that God intended him or her to be. We have shed many painful tears and memories of our decision "NOT" to have this child. We so look forward to holding that child one day, and telling him or her how loved he or she is.

My reason for telling you my story too is because there are so many different situations that different women are in. Here I was with the Father of my child, and I wasn't sure if he would stay with me, or leave, and 24 years later he is still with me. We were blessed with another child from God, and she is our greatest testimony. We truly feel that she is a miracle, she was our second chance from God to be the Parents that He created us to be.

Those of you who are voting & thinking about the issues on abortion, please rethink why you are voting for the candidate that thinks it's personally ok to just have an abortion. Having an abortion is not freedom, it is a lifelong consequence that never frees your heart, mind & soul. Please think about our stories...I am constantly reminded of what I did to my precious little baby so many years ago. My heart breaks over & over and even though I know God has forgiven me, I am having the hardest time forgiving myself.

May God Bless you and keep you in His Loving Care"
-Woman #3

How many more countless woman have been affected by abortion, and know all too well that it does matter???


Permission to Mother said...

"Having an abortion is not freedom, it is a lifelong consequence that never frees your heart, mind & soul."

Well said. I'd like to use this quote in my counseling.