Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello! I finally got the CVS extra care bucks to work for me. This week CVS is having a deal if you buy $10 worth of Glade products you get $5 in extra care bucks back. I had two buy one get one free coupon for a scented oil candle. So first I bought two candles. I used the buy one get one free coupon, paying only about $6 for two candle and I got $5 in extra care bucks back. Then in my second transaction I bought two more candles with another buy one get one free coupon. So I paid another $6, getting another $5's back in extra care bucks. So now I spent $12 out of pocket and had $10 to spend at CVS. I bought four packs of candle refills for $3.99 each, with two $1.50 off coupons. So I paid first with my $10 free. Then I only had to pay $2.74 out of pocket. And I got back another $5 in extra care bucks to use at CVS. So I bought myself shampoo (it was needed) and a chapstick for Jason, and each boy got candy. I paid with the $5 in CVS first, and then had to pay .28 cents out of pocket.

So all together I paid about $16 out of pocket and I got:
four Glade scented oil candle starter kits
four sets of three each refills for Glade candle kits
Hershey candy bar
Ring pop
CVS brand shampoo, supposed to be equivalent to Pantene brand, if not I will return it

I got all this for $16 (candy not in photo as boys already ate it.)

I am so excited! I am giving the candle sets to Joshua's teachers and aides for Christmas, so I spent $4 each (making shampoo & candy free) and these are valued at $10 (kit was $6, candle refill $4.) Good deal.

The best part is I have another buy one get one free coupon and buy two refills get one free, so I will go to CVS again tomorrow and get another two candles for $6 (using the buy one get one free coupon) then I will get $5 back in extra care bucks to use at CVS. Then I will buy 3 more refills for $3.99 each minus the one free, will cot me about $8. I will pay with the $5 CVS money first, making my out of pocket $3. Plus I will get $5 more extra care bucks for CVS. So it will be $9 for two more candle kits and three more refills. So I will have to more gifts for $9, plus $5 in extra care bucks. And we need new batteries. COOL!!!


Jeannette said...

Wow, great deals, its fun to be frugal and smart.

You are so wise master :)

So are the candles in replacement of the photos.. ha ha haha