Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's getting old

I posted the other day that I was recovering and surprised that the pain was not intense as I imagined, but today I am a little annoyed as even though not extreme, my jaw pain is still there. I joked that this was a good diet (getting a tooth pulled) but now it is not a joke. I have actually not eaten that much. It still hurts to chew. I know I am a big baby, but I this pain stuff is getting old.

Plus my days and nights are all messed up again. I am staying up at night, sleeping in, and then unable to fall asleep the next night. So here it is almost 2:00am and I can not sleep.

Ok, complaining over.

We did have a great day though. I got to sleep in; go to bank; make chocolate chip cookies with the boys; relax; watch ELF with boys; make batch of laundry soap; make onion soup; order Christmas card photos; buy stamps for Christmas cards (we send out 100); and do some laundry. It is nice to not have to be somewhere or do something. I think the boys enjoyed our day too.

After the boys went to bed I watched PS I LOVE YOU. It was sad, but good.

I should do the dishes as we still have not cleaned up from making the cookies, but instead I am blogging. Actually, I really should be sleeping, but I am too wide awake for that.

Tomorrow, we will sleep in and straighten the house. Then at 5:00 I have to work (babysitting.) The boys are going to my mom's.

Sunday is church and get ready for our week. Back to work and school and co-op. And maybe back to bed at a reasonable time for me as well.

What are you weekend plans?



Jeannette said...

Sorry your not feeling better yet, it takes time to heal, be patient.

You will be back to normal again, whatever that may be.