Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pity Party

Lately I have been having myself a nice pity party. (As reflected in my past few posts.) Plus I have not even been posting that much lately.

Today I had plans to clean house, bake bread, cook a nice dinner, and start doing some Christmas gifts (we are making them.) And enjoy time with my boys!!!

Instead I:
slept in (missing Jason's doctor's appointment)
took Joshua to his soccer game (15 min. late)
fed Josh a hot dog (and me too) and candy for lunch
went to bank to deposit a check and get boys allowance
put gas in the car
did two loads of laundry (still not folded or put away)
watched about four episodes Little House on the Prairie (we are on season 6)
took a nap
made a batch of homemade laundry soap
yelled at the boys
cooked some kind of meat for dinner
ate weird meat dinner with Josh (Jason would have no part) with left over biscuits and fries from last nights KFC and of course some more candy
made boys pick candy they were keeping from yesterday so we can get rid of the rest (they each got two bags full of candy, which I will end up eating if it stays in our house)
I also let Josh paint some Christmas sun catchers (he got mad that I gave him black paint, project was a debacle)

So we ate horrible, watched way too much TV, and did no chores, fun family stuff, or Christmas gifts. What a wasted day!

So please join me in my pity party!!! We sure have lots of junk food for it!!!



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