Saturday, November 8, 2008

Clean room

Today we spent 4 hours cleaning Jason & Josh's room. They have a very small room. It is 7' x 11'. They have 1 closet and 1 shelf (that is like a second closet not closed in.) We pulled everything out, cleaned and dusted, then put stuff back in neatly (and threw away three bags of toys, old clothes, garbage, etc.) We also moved the bearded dragon out into the living room. Here are the results:

Below is Josh's bed, above is Jason's loft bed. Inside is his desk. It is so neat and organized right now. The goal is he will use it to do homeschooling work (it has a light under there.) The book shelf has Jason's book on top shelf and some of Josh's book on second shelf.

This is the shelf that my stepfather, Scott, custom built. It is next to where there clothes closet is. The top shelf that you see is a share shelf with all there board games. The second shelf is all Josh's toys. The bottom is all Jason's toys. You can't see the very top shelf which is the tv, dvd player, and video games. The boys can only use this tv to watch dvds and / or play video games (with my permission first) so I don't mind it in there room.
Of course there is no room for any new toys so I hope we don't get too much for Christmas (others tend to spoil my boys, because I get them like 1 gift each.)