Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reward for cleaning

I was supposed to work my babysitting job at 5, but the mom cancelled me so as a reward for all the hard work my boys did I took them to the mall. Josh got a build a bear gift card last Christmas so I figured he could finally use it. I have only been in the mall one other time this year with my mom. We are not big mall people or shoppers for that matter. I prefer, if I need something, to try and get it first free; second, used; or if I have to pay full price, I buy it online (to at least avoid taking two boys shopping.)

Joshua made a bear, and got it a shirt, and sunglasses. He had the $10 gift card and an $8 off coupon. So out of pocket he paid $3, of his own money of course. Jason wanted a bear too. He made one, and got it sunglasses, and a sport outfit. He had a $10 gift card and $5 off coupon so he spent about $12 out of pocket. They were excited to make there own stuffed animals. Josh made a koala, Jason made a bear.

They both used there own money. They also bought themselves dinner with there own money and Jason also bought me dinner. So the outing only cost me some gas money. Plus we took my sister too so we got to bond with her. It was nice.

Jason with his new bear, Fred

Joshua dancing with his new koala, Wally

I also used a gift card I had gotten from Bath & Body Works to get 8 moisturizing hand soaps to use as teacher gifts. I will keep one as I love that hand soap. They were on sale 4 for $10, not a bad deal. But they were free for me as I had a gift card. I like shopping without spending any of my own money.