Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What we spent on Ohio trip

Kevin and I took the boys to Ohio to visit my grandmother last week. We left Monday in am and returned home Friday night. It was so nice to spend time with Kevin and visit my grandmother. She really enjoyed having us there.

Here is what I spent:
$ 50 Food for drive up (very healthy stuff may I add)
$340 Hotel (with pool and free breakfast included)
$140 Entrance to Football Hall of Fame and souvenirs (I even got Kevin a Christmas
$ 75 Walmart (clothes for Josh & bathing suit for Josh)
$ 15 Out of state scratch offs (our road trip tradition)
$ 45 Gamestop (boys forget DS lite & DSI chargers-I got them each a car and house
$ 30 Shopping at local Goodwill (just for fun)
$ 36 Getting two copies of my birth certificate (I was born in Ohio, and my old
birth certificate ripped apart)
$ 100 Gas

$831 Total spent by me on trip

Kevin spent (that I know of):

$ 50 Gas
$ 50 Football Hall of Fame souvenirs
$ 50 Pizza Hut
$ 65 Friendly's (we took my granmother out to eat)
$ 20 Cold Stone

$235 Total Kevin spent

$1065 Approximate money spent on 5 day trip to Ohio. About $210 a day is not too bad. Of course we could have greatly reduced expenses for this trip by not staying in a hotel and staying at my grandmother's, packing proper clothes for Josh, packing all DSI & DS lite components, and not eating out. But although we went to Ohio to help my grandmother, I also wanted the boys to feel like they were on vacation and have some fun as well. They got to swim in hotel pool every night and now they can say they went to the Football Hall of fame (big whoop to me.)

Any vacation plans for you? How much have you budgeted for vacations this year?