Sunday, October 17, 2010


I just watched the new movie, Babies. It is the story (without words) of 4 babies from first breath to first steps. The babies (2 girls, & 2 boys) are from:
Namibia, Mongolia, Japan, and United States.

All babies were breast fed, which is shown in detail in this movie, which I love.

It is so cool that even in four different places in the world the babies all made the same milestones.

My favorite was Bayar, from Mongolia. He just got to crawl around naked often. Plus he played with goats. He also got beat up by his older brother (who looked about 3) like three times in the movie. Poor kid, but funny nonetheless.

Ponijao, from Namibia never wore diapers at all. And was always naked and dirty, but so cute and happy. He stayed with mom all day through her work and such and nursed on demand. He also was worn on his mom's back while she worked. The mom also had an older baby who was still nursing, so at times she had two babies nursing at once.

Mari, from Japan was so cute, but also seemed to be the most spoiled and cried the most. But she also was worn by mom in the movie. She was an only child.

Hatti, from the United States (San Francisco to be exact) was a blond blued eyed cutie. She also was an only child. She did get a bottle during movie, which I didn't like, but was first shown nursing.

All these babies were clearly loved and welcome additions to their families.

Have you seen this documentary?