Saturday, October 2, 2010

What we did last week

Monday we (my brother, Kevin, my boys, and me) left at 9am and drove 2 hours to PA to pick up my great aunt Joanne; from there we drove the additional 6 hours to Ohio. We got in about 6:00pm at night. Along the way we stopped for a few bathroom breaks. Upon arrival we went to a steakhouse for diner. They had yummy stuffed mushrooms, and great steak. Then we went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. She broke her hip so is in the nursing home until she heals.

Tuesday we went swimming. We visited my grandmother. We got sushi for a late lunch / early dinner.

Wed. we also went swimming. We once again visited my grandmother. And we went to this great hibachi restaurant to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I had an awesome eel roll and salmon on the hibachi. It may have been the best meal I have ever had in a restaurant.

Thur. we visited my grandmother and then we went to Sugarcreek which is a cute small town with shops, Amish, wine and cheese making, and more. We went to this great cheese shop. They make the Swiss at the shop. Yum! We also went to Red Robin for a delicious burger. I also got pictures printed for my grandma's room and had them framed. And I got her a green plant and a yellow mum. The boys went swimming with my dad while I shopped.

Fri. we went to Football Hall of Fame just for gift shop; said our goodbyes; and then drove home. We arrived home about 10pm.

One of the days we went to the cabin that has been in their family for 63 years. It was built by my great grandfather and grandfather. It was sold this week, so we wanted to say our goodbyes.

It was great to see my great aunt, grandmother, dad, his wife, and my baby brother (he is 2.) It was even nicer to spend 5 whole days with Kevin.

I am sorry my grandmother is in the nursing home, please pray her hip would heal quickly and she could walk again. Pray also the insurance resumes paying for the nursing home. It is $7,000 a month and they are no longer paying as they feel she is not making significant progress. She is 86, so what do they expect, her to run a marathon?