Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Does she look guilty?

Tonight I made salmon and broccoli for dinner (super easy, put salmon and veggies in foil, add lemon, wrap, heat at 350 degrees for 20-30 min.)

Anyway boys were not ready to eat, so I made up plates and put Josh's on the table.

I was praising him for finishing his salmon (he and Jason are playing with their cousin so I ate without them.) He stopped me to tell me he did not eat anything. I asked the other kids and got no's from them. Apparently Lady ate the fish. She left the skin and broccoli though.
No on saw her get up on the table. She is so big she probably just put her head up there.
I can't even yell at her now, she will not know why she is getting yelled at. I have to catch her in the act.

What a waste of salmon. It was so good, too.

I guess I have to be more mindful now that we have a dog.



Jeannette said...

woof woof

Jeannette said...

wait I am surprised he ate it,, okay sorry, that wasn't called for

Becky R said...

Lady is a girl. She loves my cooking, brat!