Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Fri. night job

God blesses me in that he keeps providing ways for me to provide for my family. I wanted to tell you about how He blesses me with my Fri. night job.

1-4 Fri. nights a month (depends on how much they need me) I work at at a Temple from 7:00pm-10:30pm. I get paid $50 for the night regardless of actual hours worked. They have ONEG services and afterwards like to serve coffee, tea, snacks, baked goods, and hot appetizer type foods.

My job is simple, I set up and clean. The best part is I get to listen to the entire service while I work (we set up in a room near service.) I get to hear a great message and good music as well. Even though I am a follower of Jesus, they still speak of God the Father, so the message can apply to me as well.

After the service I get to keep all leftovers. Tonight I came home with a bowl of cut up fruit, about 40 mozzarella sticks, and half a platter of cut of veggies. I also get to snack while I am there on cheese and crackers, fruit, etc.

Overall I am really grateful for the work. The drawbacks are it is about an hour away and some months they don't even call me at all, but still I am glad when they do.