Sunday, October 17, 2010

Giving in spite of myself

I am sad, I am depressed. I am having a pity party over losing my cousin (2006), brother (2009), and now my friend (last week.) But especially now I need to give of myself in spite of my situation. I need to share Christ even more, not retreat from Him in my despair.

I want to give a plea for you to do something to share Christ's love today or this week.

Visit a neighbor with a plate of cookies, muffins, bread etc. If you have no time to bake buy from store.
Visit a senior in a nursing home. Just talk with them and let then talk.
Offer to babysit for a single mom so she can just relax.
Offer to do laundry for a single mom who may not have time to do so otherwise.
Send a gift card for a local food store to a family struggling. Send an encouraging card with it as well.
Do some yard work for an elderly neighbor.
Donate time, money, or food to your local food pantry.
Send a package, card, etc, to a soldier.
Offer the mailman a bottle of water or cup of hot chocolate all ready to go in a to go cup.
Volunteer or donate stuff to local Salvation Army.
Give money to any organization that also spreads God's word.
Buy a package of diapers for a struggling young family.
Pay the tab for a young family at a restaurant.
Pay the toll for the person behind you at a toll booth.
Whatever else God lays on your heart!

The United States is in a troubling state. We have forsaken God.

Let's take back our nation, by putting God first once more. As Jesus was in his most darkest hour dying on the cross, He still spoke out and shared God with those around Him.

Despite your circumstances, do something for someone else in the name of Christ.

We all need Him now more than ever!!!


p.s. leave a comment with any other things for Christ we can do this week!


Becky R said...

My mom is trying to get 10 boxes of food for needy families from Angel Tree. It is $36 a box of food. I gave her $36 so she can buy 1 box and donate it to a family who needs it. This is such a practical way to share God, by meeting a physical need.

Maybe this is something God wants you to do as well?