Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One month left to live

When Eric died I had no warning. It happened and that was that. No saying goodbye.
I always thought if maybe I had known or was able to say goodbye it would have been better or easier somehow.

Now I am not so sure.

A few weeks ago a man from our church (with a wife and two kids, one in high school, one in college) lost his battle with cancer. He was amazing. He loved the Lord and it showed in his life. But we knew that his time was near.

Sunday I learned another member of our church, a dear friend and mentor of mine, is losing her battle with cancer as well. The doctors told her she has about one month left to live. This woman even in extreme pain is using these days to witness to those in the hospital. She is such an inspiration. But knowing she is going to die does not make it easier. I don't want her to die.

She is 55 years old with three kids ages 21-30. She has been a tremendous blessing to my life. We have done weight loss classes, Bible studies, retreats and more together. She has giving me so much over the past few years. She gave us a bed, sheets, a sleeper sofa (that is currently in my living room), outdoor furniture (that is in my yard right now), and more.

I know God can do anything and He can heal her completely (please pray He does.) But I also need to prepare my heart that it may be her time.

So how do I go to the hospital and say goodbye? Do I go as if nothing has changed? Do I go at all?

These things make me question God's will. This woman is amazing and does so much for Him here on earth. Why does He want her home now? Her kids need her here, her husband needs her here. Our church needs her here. It doesn't seem fair.

So what would you do if you had one month left to live? I hope you would be like Chris and try to share Christ with as many people you come in contact with.



Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

I'd ask her, "What can I do to support you?"
It's open ended and it gives her an opportunity to share what's important.